About us

Biología y Nutrición 2

Bynsa 2 is a 100% Spanish company that makes different types of extruded feed and wet food for dogs and cats, intended for distribution through specialised channels.

Our clients are sure that their dogs and cats are fed with the guarantee of the best possible nutrition, whether they are for show, breeding or companionship and whatever their breed, age or energy requirement. Our high-end products have been on the market for over 30 years, and at this time numerous national and international breeders feed their best dogs Satisfaction.


Our company is characterised by our motivation and firm commitment to quality and technology. We are always trying to be more efficient in benefiting of our clients by offering them the best possible service, thus achieving a close relationship of trust and collaboration. It is they who help us to achieve our highest goals day in day out.

Our products are exported to several countries such as France and Reunion Island, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Greece, Romania, Israel or Russia, where our products are already established. And we are immersed in an expansion processes in other countries, such as China and the United States.

What is special about SATISFACTION food?

The large quantity of fresh meat and rice, which is an important part of all the varieties in the range, is what differentiates us from other products that can be found on the market today. This wonderful protein-carbohydrate combination results in a highly palatable and digestible feed. The vast majority of Pet-Food manufacturers only use meat meal as a source of protein. When meat is processed, it is subject to high pressures and temperatures, which destroys nutrients that can affect its quality. This does not happen with fresh meat since it has not undergone any heat treatment, which guarantees a more digestible, palatable ingredient with a higher nutritional value. The meat is delivered to our factory as fresh minced meat, maintaining its cold temperature at all times and ensuring its freshness.

Our food is made from the best quality ingredients that provide your pet with all the benefits it needs so that they can enjoy a long and healthy life. It’s your best friend’s food.

Our product is manufactured by United Petfood Spain, whose factory (26,000 m2) is located near Zaragoza. It is one of the most modern European factories, with 4 independent extrusion lines. 

The factory produces white label and private labels for its clients. (30% market share, dry feed and snacks, including specialised channels).

The factory stands out for its dedication and commitment to quality and first-class technology, and has obtained the following quality certificates ISO9001, ISO14001, BRC, IFS highest level.