The large quantity of fresh meat and rice, which is an important part of all the varieties of the range, is what differentiates us from other products that can be found on the market today. This wonderful protein-carbohydrate combination results in a highly palatable and digestible feed. The vast majority of Pet-Food manufacturers only use meat meal as a source of protein. When meat is processed, it is subject to high pressures and temperatures, which destroys nutrients that can affect its quality. This does not happen with fresh meat since it has not undergone any heat treatment, which guarantees a more digestible, palatable ingredient with a higher nutritional value. The meat is delivered to our factory as fresh minced meat, maintaining its cold temperature at all times and ensuring its freshness.

Our food is made from the best quality ingredients that provide your pet with all the benefits it needs so that they can enjoy a long and healthy life. It is your best friend’s food.

Dogs are a rather mixed group. They come in all shapes and sizes, have different nutritional needs, growth curves and average life expectancy. Given these differences, our dogs should receive a balanced diet that is specially formulated for each stage of their life and, ideally, adapted to their size.

Good nutrition during periods of growth is essential for healthy adults. The growth period  of our pets is the most delicate stage of their lives, which is why it is very important that they receive a complete and balanced diet adapted to their nutritional needs. These needs will depend on how fast the puppy grows, which varies considerably from breed to breed. This is why we need to give our pets different food depending on what size they will be as adults.

After the growth period, they should be changed to a maintenance formula also adapted to the size and weight of the animal concerned.

The size of the kibble must be proportionate to the different breeds, to their different jaw dimensions, to help better chewing and optimal digestion of nutrients.Energy requirements also vary depending on the size of the dog. Through nutrition, by providing specific nutrients, it is also possible to help prevent certain particular ailments of some breeds.

Pienso satisfaction puppy mini para cachorros de razas pequeñas o razas mini

Puppies of small breeds

Pienso satisfaction puppy medium para cachorros de razas medianas

Puppies of medium breeds

Pienso satisfaction puppy maxi para perros

Puppies of large breeds

Pienso Satisfaction Regular Mini para perros pequeños de raza mini

Adults of small breeds

Pienso Satisfaction Regular Medium para perros medianos

Adults of medium breeds

Pienso satisfaction regular maxi para perros

Adults of large breeds

Pienso satisfaction lamb and rice para perros cordero y arroz

Adult dogs with food allergies or food intolerances

Pienso Satisfaction Light para perros

Overweight adult dogs

pienso satisfaction senior para perros mayores a partir de 7 años

Dogs +7 years

pienso satisfaction adult medium para perros

Adults of medium breeds

SOLD Pienso satisfaction Pro Adult maxi para perros de razas grandes

Adults of large breeds

Special Breeders

Pienso Satisfaction Pro Puppy Starter

Nursing mothers and weaning puppies all breeds

Pienso Satisfaction Pro puppy medium para cachorros

Puppies of medium breeds

Pienso satisfaction pro puppy maxi

Puppies of large breeds

Pienso Satisfaction Pro Regular medium para profesionales

Adults of medium breeds

Pienso Satisfaction Pro Regular maxi criadores

Adults of large breeds

Pienso Satisfaction Pro performance para perros

Active adult dogs

Pienso Satisfaction Kennel Pro para criadores

Adult dogs with normal or average activity