Pienso oib can de mantenimiento 20 kg biologia y nutricion


Adult dogs



The great palatability and high digestibility of this food make it the perfect diet for adult dogs with normal activity.

OIB CAN MANTEINANCE is specially formulated to provide optimal nutrition throughout life in companion, show or working dogs.

The ratio between the percentage of protein and fat contained in the OIB CAN MANTEINANCE CROQUETTES is that which the dog needs to meet the daily needs that its body demands, provided it performs normal exercise. The needs vary depending on the age, physiological state, meteorological conditions, activity, etc., through which the animal passes throughout its life. For this reason, different feeds are formulated that adapt to these situations.

Cereals, meat flour, Vegetable origin protein extracts, oils and fats, beet pulp, yeast,  vitamin mineral corrector ,  aminoacids. With EEC anti-oxidising agent.
Humidity: 8%, Crude ash: 9%, Gross protein: 22%, Calcium: 2%, Gross oils and fats: 12%, Phosphorus: 1%, Gross fibre: 3%
Nutritional Additives
Vitamin A: 10,000 IU / kg, Vitamin D: 900 IU / kg, Vitamin E (DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate): 70mg / kg, Ac. Linoleic: 2.36%.