Why wet food?

Wet food is without a doubt  your pet’s favorite type of food. It’s juicier and more appetizing. They ingest it better thanks to its palatability and great flavor. It is a food rich in essential nutrients and vitamins, but also high in water content (over 80%) which keeps them hydrated and reduces the risk of urinary stones. Its cooking process is different from dry food: its ingredients are less processed and require fewer preservatives. It’s a diet low in carbohydrates and  calories, while providing the necessary protein for a  complete and balanced diet. Wet foods promote the healthy development and growth of young pets, since they can chew and swallow it better. It is also great for elderly pets, since they may not have teeth or have difficulty chewing. 

Withlove by Satisfaction

The new WITHLOVE range, gourmet cans of natural wet food with a perfect balance of protein, fat and fibre. Our new wet food is made with top quality natural ingredients with a high water content that guarantees extra hydration in your pet’s nutrition. WITHLOVE cans are exclusive recipes that provide a highly palatable and easily digestible meal, with a wide variety of flavors and textures, canned food, natural pâtés and delicious pieces of meat as a part of it.

It is a well-rounded food to give as a “prize” or as a daily nutritional supplement.

100% Natural | Hypoallergenic | Grain-free


Complete food for puppies

Complete food for adult dogs

Complete food for adult dogs

Alimento completo para perros adultos

Complete food for adult dogs

Complete food for adult dogs

All our recipes are grain free.

All our ingredients are fit for human consumption.